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Alyunina Yulia

Alyunina Yulia won a grant to participate in a “Social Action Cartography” school in Moscow (24-29 July 2016). An Oxford-Russian Fund organizes this school for their annual scholarship holders. Only the students who obtain such scholarship in the beginning of an academic year can apply to take part in the Fund Winter or Summer Schools.

To be selected to this school, every student was required to write an essay on the topic “My System of Axes” presenting several coordinates or problematic points at two from the following maps: “problematic city map”, “a map of research interests”, “a map of the future”, “economic influence map”, “juridical map”, “a map of popular cultural events”. A combination of two maps was intended to present a burning problem and propose an author’s solution. Yulia Alyunina drew her attention to Tomsk suburbs and abandoned villages, showing them at the first and the last maps, mentioned above, and titling her essay “A Siberian Ring of Russia” with the analogy of one of the most popular tour “The Golden Ring of Russia” in her motherland. According to the student, Siberia could have become a very attractive place for tourists from all over the world, catching by its wilderness, original Siberian traditions, and local tribes’ culture, unreasonably forgotten, still alive. 

This time the school will take place at Boltino, a village in Mytishchinsky District of Moscow oblast. A very intensive and interesting program is prepared for the participants: cartography games (“Lost-proofing”, “Dots & Lines – Places & Borders”, “Arts and Literature at History and Economy”, “Labor, Harvest, Work – Poststudying Horizons”), discussion-sessions (“Social Implementation Results – Traces at Maps”, “Labor Gust. What is “an action” Genetically, Mathematically, Socially, and Culturally?”), project work in small teams. More than that, the participants will have a unique opportunity to assist lectures and seminars of famous Russian scholars, such as Irina Bugaeva, a Doctor of Philology from the State Saint Petersburg University (“A Movie as a Cognitive Experiment”), Tatiana Vizer, a candidate of Philological Sciences from Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (“Hidden Subjects of Political Actions”) , George Nikitch, a PhD in Art History from The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (not stated yet), Konstantin Bogdanov, a Doctor of Philology and a leading researcher from the Russian Academy of Sciences (not stated yet) et all.

Every participant will be awarded the School Certificate.

For more information about the “Social Action Cartography” school, please, follow this link:


  • A second-degree diploma at the competition for the best report. Alyunina Y.M. (2016) ‘Word-formation Semantics in Russian Derived Nonce Words’ in Association of  “Current issues of linguistics and literature studies” : Materials of III (XVII) International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scholars, Tomsk State University, 18-23 April. – In print
  • Certificate of gratitude for taking part in Tomsk State University Research Center projects “Transsiberian Scientific Way” on “Language and Culture”. Certificate on participation in the II tour of Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Programme for master degree students. 27.01.2016.
  • Certificate of participation in International seminar “Ireland English Teaching Model”. 2016.
  • Certificate of gratitude for volunteering in holding International Winter School on Informatics Technologies “Winter IT School”. 08.02-20.02 2016.
  • Alyunina Y.M. (2016) ‘Word-formation in Functional Bilingualism Development: Suffixation in Modern English’ in Association of Foreign Language and Intercultural Communication : Materials of IX International Students Scientific and Practical Conference, Tomsk State Pedagogical University, 26 February – 236p. 70-77p.


Presidential Grant and USA Scholarship for a Tomsk Student

TSU 1 year Master Degree student of the Faculty of Foreign Language Yulia Alyunina won the Russian Federation President Grant to Study Abroad and the Scholarship in honor of Istvan Kecskes, USA professor. In October 2015 at the 26th Annual International Academic Conference “Language and Culture,” Eduard Galazsinszkij, Rector of National Research Tomsk State University, announced theScholarship in honour of Dr. Istvan Kecskes, distinguished Professor in Educational Theory and Practice of the University of Albany, State University of New York. From October 2015, this scholarship will be awarded each year to the top Tomsk State student researcher in the field of linguistics. Yulia Alyunina is one of the first students who have received this award.

The other award, The Russian Federation President Grant is an honorable award of Russian Ministry of Education and Science that provides an opportunity for talented students to undergo an internship abroad. In 2016-2017 fall semester Yulia Alyunina will leave for Turku (Finland) for studying and working on her Master thesis „Functional Bilingualism: Russian and English Word Formation Models Acquisition and Usage“ under the scientific supervising of Nagel, O.V., PhD, Professor of TSU, and tutoring of Jukka Hyönä, Ph.D., Professor, Head of the Division of Psychology at Turku.

It will be the first time for me to study abroad for so long. Last year I was awarded DAAD grant to participate at a Summer School of the University of Mannheim (Germany). Within the school “Crossing Cultures: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language, Literature & Migration” I attended seminars in English and French. One of the courses professors helped me a lot writing a Letter of Recommendation, which was obligatory for the Russian Federation President Grant. Every Grant applicant should have had a Letter of Recommendation from a foreign university professor.   

At the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Turku Yulia Alyunina plans to work at research laboratories to broaden her experience in psycho and cognitive linguistics and modern experimentation methods, take part in joint Russian-Nordic projects, conduct linguistic experiments to contribute her Master thesis, and to attend seminars, such as “Psychology of language”, “Consciousness and brain”, “Affective neuroscience”.

The partners from Turku and Laboratory for Cognitive Studies of Languages of TSU (The Faculty of Philology, The Faculty of Foreign Languages, and The Faculty of Psychology) work in cooperation from the founding of this linguistics experimental field in TSU. Nowadays they elaborate and conduct joint meetings in experimentation branch of linguistic research on the basis of a project fund “The Nordic Russian Cooperation Programme in Education and Research” (Russia – National Research Tomsk State University, Finland – The University of Turku, Norway - Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

According to the 2013 QS rank, the University of Turku occupies the 205 line in the world best universities and also enter The Coimbra Group, aimed at unifying European leading universities for tightening international research and academic contacts and developing the mobility in the sphere of education.




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