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Aleksandra Nabiullina

Master’s Thesis Conceptual Sound Metaphor in Vysotsky’s Song Discourse relies on the theory of conceptual metaphor by M. Johnson and J. Lakoff and domestic and international works on phonological iconicity and sound symbolism (A. Zhurablev, S. Marukhina, T. Nikolaeva, V. Nastase, M. Sokolova, J.S.  Shirabad, S. Newman, M.M. Macdermott, M. Magnus, O. Jespersen, M. Chastaing, I. Fonagy, M. Grammont, et al.). Conceptual metaphor plays an important role in creating linguistic picture of the world, while metaphoric images caused by sounds and their phonetic meanings transmit the author’s code at the sound level. The theoretical basis of the Master’s Thesis provides for the definition of conceptual sound metaphor as a type of cognitive metaphor integrated into the space of poetic text through a set of sounds and sound combinations possessing particular symbolic meaning typical of a certain culture and language. The Thesis challenges the idea of M. Grammont that sound cannot be used as a unit of translation due to unique phonetic structure and metaphoric images thoroughly elaborated by the author. It considers conceptual sound metaphor as a potential unit of translation in Vysotsky’s song discourse due to universal nature of metaphor as it belongs to all cultures and languages. The hypothesis is also supported by the fact that almost all sounds of the Russian, French and English languages have symbolic meaning causing certain metaphoric images and associations and convey the message in translated text.

Inspired by the activities and facilities of the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies of Language as well as teaching resources provided by the members of the Nordic Cooperation project my further research interest is going to move to cognitive linguistics and morphology. The research will be focused on Russian compound words in terms of predictability and probability of their components. I believe that the resources of the Nordic cooperation programme will help to develop my analytical skills in experiment design and data processing. It will also contribute to the development of cognitive paradigm of my research and will introduce overseas perspective on the subject.


  • Winner of the all-Russian competition in students' research papers V.S. Vysotsky and 21 Century (29 March 2016, Moscow)
  • Participant of Spring School Humanitarian Constituent in Research and Design: Need, Use, Rational Balance (20-25 March, 2016, Moscow)
  • Participant of Spring School Generation of Communication in the Modern World: Humanitarian Mind as a Basis of Useful Activity and Self-Realisation (12-19 May, 2016, Moscow)


13-19 May 2016 Aleksandra Nabiullina participated in the work of Spring School of the Oxford Russian FundCommunication Generation in Modern World. The school was held in Moscow and Moscow region.

On the first day the participants visited Google office in Moscow and were impressed with living room, kitchen, and massage room available for the staff.

Next 5 days were full of interesting lectures, workshops, and project work. The lecturers from Skolkovo, Higher School of Economics, and other educational institutions introduced new knowledge to those who have been always engaged into humanities. The lectures by Nicholas Champkins (Bardakhanova Champkins Architects) and Francisco Gil (Business School ESADE, Director of Chocolate Museum in Barcelona) became a platform for vivid discussion of the educational environment and business strategies.

Oxford Russian Fund is a non-profit organisation which holds schools for its scholarship holders several times a year. Every its school is different and gives immense opportunities to develop skills and acquire new knowledge.


The viva voce took place on 27 June 2016.

Coordinators, Lecturers and students of the Turku-Tomsk-Trondheim cooperation programme in cognitive and experimental linguistics would like to congratulate Alexandra Nabiulina and Alexandra Bub on their successful completion of Master programme at TSU. 



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