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July, 15–17, 2016 one of our students, Alina Vasilyeva, took part in  the Annual Conference of the International Society for  Intelligence  Research  (ISIR) in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she presented the poster prepared together with Ksenia Pozovkina and Afiia Khabibulina on  the  emotional  language  stimulus  effect  on  cognitive  tasks  performance.

The conference was preceded by the International Summer School for students and early career researchers: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Intelligence (July 12 – 14). It included 3 days of lectures, seminars and workshops held by famous researchers.

The program of the conference was very intense, it included a lot of oral presentations and a poster session on different aspects of the intelligence. Researches from 20 countries took part in the conference and it was great meeting and talking to them. In my opinion, the Conference and the Summer School was very helpful and interesting, because it allowed not only to get a lot of new information but also to look at our research subject from a new angle
Alina Vasilieva
Alina Vasilieva
MA student


Three of our students Ksenia Pozovkina, Alina Vasilieva, Alfiia Khabibulina took part in the XIX public conference of students-philologists, which took place from 18 to 22 April in Saint-Petersburg state university. At the conference the girls presented their reports at the section "Psycholinguistics" and told about the experiments conducted in the Laboratory for cognitive studies of language. They also met with the other studies that were presented by the students from Russian and foreign universities. 

-I like taking part in the scientific conferences. It's always interesting to me: what other people are interested in? What are they doing? says Ksenia PozovkinaThe conference was really very informative and useful. We knew a lot of interesting things and discussed main problems of cognitive science. Participating in such conferences is always a great experience because they help you to understand your own place in a scientific context and to find new visions and ideas on things that you do...




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