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The aim of the project is to implement educational cooperation between higher education institutions (University of Turku, National Research Tomsk State University, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim) in the area of cognitive science and experimental linguistics, along with developing and strengthening partnership in research. Our aim is to share interdisciplinary (linguistics and psychology) expertise and knowledge in the area of psycholinguistics and experimental linguistics. We intend to exploit the possibilities offered by three structurally and typologically distinctive languages, Norwegian, Russian and Finnish, in the study of language comprehension and production.
The activities include a series of workshops organized in Tomsk, Trondheim and Turku focused on organization, education and research activities. Study visits are planned between all three partner universities and include teacher visits from Turku and Trondheim to Tomsk. These visits will help with to contribute to the courses running, giving guest lectures and sharing knowledge on the course contents, requirements, and methods of study in his/her own university regarding psycholinguistics and experimental linguistics.
The collaboration will result in modifications and additions to the newly initiated study program at the Tomsk State University on cognitive and experimental linguistics. In the long-term, the Nordic partners will benefit from educating Russian scholars in their specific research areas, which in turn may allow to conduct cross-linguistic studies involving the three languages.



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Nordic is an international scientific project that brings together researchers from Russia, Finland and Norway

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