Upcoming events:

  1. A two-day seminar in Trondheim (September 26-28, 2016) (research designs and stimuli preparation, eye-tracking).
  2. A four–day seminar in Turku (November 23-26, 2016) (closing meeting, results and plans for the future).

Upcoming activities within the project:

  Direction 1 Knowledge exchange in the area of experimental linguistics to promote exchange experiences, the analysis of good practice and the professional training and development of university staff as well as the creation of networks of knowledge.

  Activity 1  Integration of particular educational modules of MA and PhD programs in Cognitive and Experimental linguistics in partner Universities.

  Activity 2 Guest lecturing on the methodology and results of a particular case study research within the  topics of cognitive and experimental linguistics included into the curriculum of the host University

  Activity 3 Publication of joint lists of required literature for the course/module/theme which will include works by researchers from the partner universities

  Activity 4 Development of the list for the proposed student research topics reflecting trends in research activities in the partner universities

  Activity 5 Organization of workshop on current issues in experimental linguistics being developed in the partner universities

  Direction 2 Facilitation of student participation in cross-cultural research activities and international dissemination of the results.

  Activity 1 Short term research visits to discuss case study methodology and research of a supervisor from a host university and possibility of its replication using cross cultural linguistic data (MA level)

  Activity 2 Short term research visits to present pilot projects for cross cultural data collection on the premises of a visited University

  Activity 3 Participation in the seminars within integrated/overlapping modules of the post graduate programs.



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Nordic is an international scientific project that brings together researchers from Russia, Finland and Norway

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