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Aleksandra Nabiullina, Ksenia Pozovkina and Alina Vasilyeva took part in the Workshop on Research Techniques held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU 26-28 September 2016. The Workshop was organised by the Department of Psychology ( as part of the joint Nordic-Russian education activities.

The Workshop was mainly devoted to such experimental techniques as EEG, ERP, and eye-tracking. Dawne Behne, Associate Professor at NTNU, gave a thorough introduction to general research methods and helped to get deep insight into the steps of research. The lecture on eye-tracking by Tuomo Häikiö was accompanied by a visit to a laboratory where researchers do their experiments. Anton Öttl showed around the laboratory and demonstrated how the equipment installed there works. Everybody could try being either a researcher or a participant. 

The Workshop was not a purely scientific event it also provided the opportunity to see the university infrastructure and to know its educational environment. NTNU Master’s and PhD students told about their university life and showed around laboratories, library, and cafeteria full of students preparing for their classes.

Organising committee did their best in creating a friendly atmosphere for the participants. At the final dinner all the participants and members were involved into a so-called cultural exchange event. Students shared their experience in living or staying in different countries. They discussed national cuisine and traditions of Finland, Norway, Russia, Italy, and Germany.




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