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 October 17 – 22, 2016 Laboratory for Cognitive studies of Language held a subsequent seminar on «Experimental studies of language and speech: Corpus and mathematical methods in linguistic studies». The seminar covered two extended sessions on: a) experimental studies in linguistics and b) statistical analysis of linguistic data in R (a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics).

Students of Tomsk State University had a chance not only to get a general overview of the research areas under discussion but also participate in thought provoking discussion sessions moderated by Aki-Juhani Kyröläinen and Seppo Vainio, guest lecturers from the University of Turku, Finland. On the final day of the seminar the floor was given to the students who presented outlines of their research studies and got feedback from the invited lecturers and fellow students.

Here is what TSU lecturers and students say about the seminar:

" I am really glad that I was able to take part in the event. Even though I come from a different field, I could tell how the presented material was on the very frontier of experimental language studies. I was given to understand that until now not much similar research has been done in Russia, which is why international collaboration such as this will definitely play a key role in the establishment of this scientific field in the country and in Tomsk State University in particular.

The seminar provided participants with an opportunity to dive into exemplar research projects of experimental language studies. Herra Aki-Juhani Kyröläinen conducted a series of top-notch hands-on tutorials on statistical data analysis and data visualization using R. A perfect example for the students of how top-level data processing is done. Herra Seppo Vainio gave multiple talks devoted to his research areas and shared his vast experience. The discussions he held were so filled with his guiding expertise that it made me wish for my student years to come back.

This seminar was very professional, teachable, thought-provoking, and just great. I sincerely hope that this collaboration will continue in the future with mutual benefits for all the parties. "

                                    Dmitriy Bezrodnyy, lecturer & research fellow, Faculty of Physics, TSU

"On the one hand, the workshop was mind-blowing! It is very hard to digest all this information about commands and scripts doing statistics in Package R. Aki did his best trying to get us through the application of software in linguistic studies. 
On the other hand, it proved again the need for developing analytical and statistical skills to interpret the results of our experiments more accurately. Our lecturers were very patient with us when we failed to understand something. They repeated again and again until we got the idea.

Aleksandra Nabiullina, PhD Student, Faculty of Philology, TSU


"The seminar was a unique opportunity to learn about modern methods of experimental research in linguistics. It was very useful for us considering that our research activities include conducting experiments, and thanks to this seminar we learned about the design of experiments and main challenges we might face during the process. I appreciated the opportunity to consult with the experts in experimental studies about my Master's thesis and I am grateful for their advice. To my mind, the discussion held in the framework of the seminar was very productive."

                                    Alice Krechetova, MA student, Faculty of Foreign Languages, TSU


"I would like to thank the lecturers and organizers for the inspiring lectures and the opportunity to expand our knowledge of cognitive studies, and every participant - for the interesting discussion, cooperation and help. I wish everyone luck in your research and hope to see you all again soon. " 

                                    Yuliya Ryabova, MA student, Faculty of Foreign Languages, TSU


"I am really glad that I could participate in this seminar. I am only starting my researching work and all the workshops were useful and interesting for me, I got some new ideas. It was a pleasure to meet  Seppo and Aki. I'm thankful for the advice they gave me for my study. "

                                                                       Anna Khokhlova, Bachelor student, TSU





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