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November 23-25, 2016 Тurku group hosted a closing seminar of the Nordic-Russian Cooperation Program in Education (TroTuTom). During the meeting project coordinators and lecturers summarized what the project has achieved (see the Looking back presentation) and shared their personal impressions as well as the feedback from the students involved (see the video).  The most important part of the meeting was devoted to the planning of further future collaboration both in teaching and in research. Tomsk group presented information about a new Mega-Grand project and proposed the ways to involve Nordic partners in its implementation (see the Mega_Grant_Tomsk presentation). Trondheim group provided information about their on-going projects which could be extended by introducing new language pairs (Russian and Finnish) (see the presentation). Scheduled Teachers’ corner session was devoted to effective approaches to study experimental methodology and psycholinguistics. A new concept of a handbook for students in Russian was proposed as one the future joint educational projects (see the Student_handbook_concept presentation).



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