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June 20-24, 2016 Tomsk group of the Nordic project from the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies of Language (Tomsk, Russia) took part in The Seventh International Conference on Cognitive Science (Svetlogorsk, Russia) where they presented one oral report on Russian derivational morphology study (Russian derivational morphology: token frequency and age of acquisition effects (Olga Nagel, Irina Temnikova, Alexandra Bub) and 3 posters on the effects of derivational semantics in  the processes of mental comparison (Z. I. Rezanova, E. D. Nekrasova, K. S. Shilyaev), on experimental study of multimodal perception of verbal stimuli (Elena Nekrasova) and  on cognitive processing of verbal stimulus with connotation (Ksenia Pozovkina). Young scientists (Elena Nekrasova, Ksenia Pozovkina and Alexandra Bub) took advantage of the opportunities provided by the cooperation programme in cognitive and experimental linguistics and expanded their knowledge in the area of experimental linguistics by studying the research works from the joint list of required literature compiled by the lecturers of the project. Gained knowledge and experience allowed young researchers to participate in scientific dialogues at the conference and start building their own professional network of likeminded people.



Elena Nekrasova
Elena Nekrasova
Ph.D. student
I think, events like this are very useful for all students including bachelors, masters and postgraduate students, because there are many ideas just flying through the air at the conference and igniting the interest of a researcher. It's a great opportunity to talk to a lot of interesting and interested people. I found new prospects for my further study and many partners to collaborate with

Ksenia Pozovkina
Ksenia Pozovkina
M.A. student
This conference was one of the most remarkable and important events I have participated so far. I was not unexpected though as I was sure that the experience would be unique for a number of reasons. Firstly, such conferences always provide possibility to see virtually those outstanding people whose books we study and refer to in our research studies. Secondly, we get to know new fresh findings and are granted permission to ask questions directly to the authors of the research. And the most exciting part is that we are able to present our own studies and get the idea of what place our research takes in the overall paradigm of cognitive science




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