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The workshop on experimental studies of language and speech took place on 17-19 March 2016. The project partners from Norway and Finland arrived on 15-16 March and had the time to take a sight-seeing tour of Tomsk and visit the cradle of the Russian culture in the Tomsk region, Semiluzhinskiy Cossack Fortress.

  Ringing bells cheerfully greeted the visitors at the main gates. The host of the Fortress, Voevoda, as he called himself, showed the visitors around and told them about the history of the Tomsk region and the importance of the fortress as a defense line of Russia.

  Everybody tried to shoot with bows and arrows and the bravest were offered to shoot out of a cannon. Siberian winter almost froze the visitors, when they started warming up by dancing a traditional Russian dance called Khorovod. Then, the guest were treated with boiled potato and cabbage and beet-root salad. The hostess served fragrant herbal tea with blini and oladushki (Russian pancakes) for dessert to celebrate Maslenitsa. She also taught the guests to make charms.

At the end of the visit, the guests were able to ring the bells to say goodbye to the fortress and its hospitable hosts.



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