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The workshop on experimental studies of language and speech took place on 17-19 March 2016. The project partners from Norway and Finland arrived on 15-16 March and had the time to take a sight-seeing tour of Tomsk and a nearby ancient fortress.

On the first day (17 March 2016), an opening meeting was held for the coordinators and the participants of the project. The conference hall of the International Center for Research in Human Development served as a spacious and well-equipped venue for the workshop. The questions discussed included the program coordination, online lecturing, travel arrangements, and the project’s website. The second part was dedicated to the presentation of the three partner universities as platforms for educational cooperation in cognitive science and experimental linguistics. Jukka Hyona (University of Turku), Zoya Rezanova (Tomsk State University) and Ute Gabriel (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) spoke about their departments and their status in the corresponding fields.

The second day (18 March 2016) began with a lecture session. The first part was hosted by Jukka Hyona, Raymond Bertram, Seppo Vainio, Aki Kyrolinen and Johanna Viimaranta (University of Turku), who introduced the participants to the basics of experimental research that uses linguistics stimuli. Special emphasis was placed on cross-language comparisons and bilingualism. Afterwards, Zoya Rezanova and Olga Nagel (Tomsk State University) went on to introduce the audience to the basics of Russian morphology.

At the discussion session, Finnish and Norwegian participants provided a general outline of their native languages. The session continued with the introduction to experiment design in gender studies, presented by Ute Gabriel and Dawn Behne (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). The second day’s meeting was concluded with a banquet in the main historical building of the Tomsk State University.

The third day (18 March 2016) was focused on the practical approaches to experiment design: under the supervision of senior researchers, groups of MA students and PhD students discussed existing exemplary studies (see the Materials section, pp. 2 and 11) and created their own proposals and experiment designs. The resulting ideas are intended to serve as the basis for conducting experiments when the students make their visits to partner universities.

The final planning meeting took place later on the third day. The project coordinators agreed upon the steps to be taken to implement the cooperation program: coordination of study programs, travel arrangements and prospective experimental studies. The results of the workshop are attested in the quotes and opinions of the participants. (see more to the quotes on the site)





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