Alfiia Khabibulina

Му name is Alfiia Khabibulina. I received my Bachelor's degree in Applied Linguistics in 2015. At the moment I’ m taking my Master’s in Cognitive Linguistics. My scientific supervisor is prof. Zoya I. Rezanova. 

My area of study is gender differences in emotional expressivity. The research strategy is to compare the gender associations for expressive adjectives which are more likely to be referred to females. I have conducted a study on how emotional expressiveness is marked within online discourse and how different genders use expressive markers in the realm of social networking sites. I find it interesting to observe whether expressivity will differ for men and women in language production or language perception. I have conducted several experiments to observe gender differences in emotional expressivity by means of E–Prime software. I am currently designing a new experiment using the Eye – tracking method in order to test the same hypothesis.  



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