Alina Vasilieva

Му name is Alina Vasilieva. In 2015 I received my Bachelor's degree in Linguistics. Currently I'm taking my Master's course in Cognitive Linguistics. My scientific supervisor is prof. Zoya I. Rezanova.

The focus of my research interests is the issue that is at the intersection of three disciplines - cognitive science, gender linguistics and experimental linguistics. In particular, I examine the linguistic category of expressiveness as one of the parameters that are different for men and women both in language production and language perception. In my research, I use linguistic and experimental methods. I am intent on resolving the problem of cognitive processing of expressive units by conducting a psycholinguistic experiment using the computer software E–Prime 2.0 with expressive units (nouns with diminutive suffixes) as the stimuli. To date, I have already carried out two experiments and published some of the results.



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