Yuliya Alyunina

I received my Bachelor's degree in Philology in 2011 from the National Research Tomsk State University (Russia), where I am currently preparing my Master's thesis at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, and conducting experiments at the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies of Language. My main research focus is bilingual education: strategies for the development of intentional functional bilingual skills by applying methods of foreign language word formation acquisition using modern English neologisms.

The main idea of my Master's thesis is to specify the ability of Russian functional bilinguals (native Russian speaking students of Tomsk universities' language departments that study English for professional purposes) to recognize productive word-building neologism models (root+suffix) in the English and Russian languages. The practical part of work includes data gathering (modern English new words), making a Russian-English parallel suffixes paradigm, and translating the neologisms. The experimental part implies conducting paper and E-Prime experiments to check the focus-group reaction to the stimuli.

The results of my research are expected to show new data on language acquisition process and to reconsider the methods of linguistic skills evaluation. The application of new knowledge to education could help the development of language teaching strategies, boost language learning, and lay the foundation for educating a flexible and open-minded foreign language speaker. 



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